TR6 : CMB 981N

My first ever TR6. One of the few Triumphs I've bought that was actually on the road at the time! I got this beauty in about 1983, I think it cost at the time about £1700, bought out of the Exchange & Mart (the only place to buy classic cars at the time). I still managed to put a couple of wings and a sill on it although it wasn't a bad car. This picture was taken in a very secure RAF location, (very secure!). My only form of transport at the time, it carried me and my stuff between my various postings in the RAF, finally being sold when I was posted to the Falklands, and I had nowhere to store it whilst I was away. I saw it again a few years later at a Triumph show near Stratford upon Avon, where it had changed colour to signal red, shame, but inevitable.