Triumph 2000 & 2.5 Prototypes

It's probably been done before but as I have access to the original Triumph Experimental build lists I thought I would list the 2000s and 2.5s included in that register.

Most, but not all experimental Triumphs have a 'X' prefix to their chassis number. The earliest cars in the register start in the X400 range and date to the late 1940s. The numbers progress in a numerical sequence (funnily enough!) through to the X900s in the early 1980s.

Prototype 2000s were code named as Barb (MKI), and Innsbruck (MKII) prior to officially being named as 2000, or 2.5. In the lists they appear initially as Barb/Innsbruck, and later as 2000/2.5.

So first I'll simply list the bare bones of the information from the register, and later I'll fill in any later information, or pictures that exist.

Commission numberRegistrationBuild DateRemarks
X710n/a19621st Chassis (suspension)
X7115264 VC19621st Prototype 1600cc
X7139081 VC1963No2 Prototype
X7169082 VC1963RHD Component testing
X7205384 KVJuly 1963Powder Blue Barb RHD
X7212418 KVJuly 1963General Test
X723 21.1.64Styling Studio Built by Prod Eng
X729698 CWK15.5.64White Estate Prototype
X740CWK 326CApril 1965Estate RHD
X768LRW 449F 2.5 Litre PI (Mr Turnbull)
X769KWK 546F 2.5 Litre PI (Mr Boardman)
X770LRW 874F 2.5 Litre PI RHD
X771LRW 681F 2.5 Litre PI LHD
X772LWK 725F  
X773AVC 659B Swiss Test Car
X774LKV 927F T2000 PI
X775T2000 PI 1st Prototype MIRA Crash Test
X785PVC 918G31.12.68Innsbruck LHD 2500
X786PVC 917G31.12.68Innsbruck RHD 2000 Auto
X829GWK 336N03.01.73SD1 Eng Test Catalyst Endurance
X830RDU 266M07.01.742600 SD1 T2000 Engine no X1309
X833JRW 695N20.04.73PE166 Engine & g/box dev
X838SHP 43N01.08.74Bullet 4V PI Federal certification
X839  Bullet T2000
X841HWK 457L09.07.73Bulllet Bosch 4V PI Development
X842  Bullet T2000 1976 Federal
X844OWK 406M19.09.732500 Carb proto 74/75
X845OVC 311M24.10.73Bullet/Innsbruck Swiss emissions
X846  Bullet/Innsbruck 50,000 mile reactor
X847  Bullet/Innsbruck Carb development
X848OKV 547M14.12.73Bullet/Innsbruck Despatched USA Zenith
X849  Bullet/Innsbruck Auto
X850  Bullet/Innsbruck Federal cert vehicle
X851  Bullet/Innsbruck Federal cert veh Auto
X852  Bullet/Innsbruck Federal 4000 mile Auto
X853  Bullet/Innsbruck
X854RDU 995M29.01.74Bullet/Innsbruck 50,000 mile catalyst cert
X855  Bullet/Innsbruck catalyst cert
X856  Bullet/Innsbruck
X857GWK 357M06.11.74SD1 Development
X860NRW 716M14.11.732498cc T2500
X861NRW 714M14.11.732498 cc T2500
X862NRW 715M14.11.732498cc T2500
X864GRW 975N SD2/Innsbruck SD2 rear suspension dev

Work in Progress, please bear with me..........

Here is a taster courtesy of Ray Cole and taken by his Father Aub Cole on route to Le Mans 1965.

The Powder Blue 2000 in the backgroud with Ray Henderson leaning on it is X720 (5384 KV).  John Lyoyd and Ray were towing ADU 1B on a trailer.

ADU 3B (in the foreground) is being towed by R Jones (leaning on 3B), and Bill Bradley behind  6105 KV.

Exert taken from Transport Arrangements for 65 Le Mans (courtesy Bill Bradley).

6105 KV was delivered to the Michelotti studios in Italy where it underwent a dramatic transformation into the first Stag prototype.

Aub Cole, and Pete Clarke were driving  X713 (9081 VC), towing Spitfire ADU 4B. 9081 VC is quite a famous car appearing in quite a lot of factory publicity pictures.


 Here is a picture of X845 (OVC 311M)  driving through Nuneaton town centre early in 1974. Allthough all the shop buildings in the background are still there they have changed hands a few times since the 70's. It would be difficult to re-create this scene now as the town was pedestrianised some years ago.

Work in progress please bear with me......................