Herald Prototypes

Its probably been done before but as I have access to the original Triumph Experimental build lists I thought I would list the Heralds included in that register.

Most, but not all experimental Triumphs have a 'X' prefix to their chassis number. The earliest cars in the register start in the X400 range and date to the late 1940s. The numbers progress in a numerical sequence (funnily enough!) through to the X900s in the early 1980s.

Prototype Heralds were code named as Zobo prior to officially being named as Herald. In the lists they appear initially as Zobo, and later as Herald.

So first I'll simply list the bare bones of the information from the register, and later I'll fill in any later information, or pictures that exist.

Commission NumberRegistrationBuild DateRemarks
X596n/a1957Rear axle only (ratio to be determined)
X597VRW 5891957No2 Pressed Steel Frame
X608VRW 5821957Italian Built Body Australia
X611VKV 751957Saloon Italian Built Body
X619WVC 9341958Saloon 4th prototype LHS
X624WRW 4041958Van
X625WRW 4051958Coupe Sebring/Alpine Mauve
X630WKV 9621959Coupe 1st production built
X6311659 HP1959Estate Italian Built Body
X6324424 HP1959Convertible Italian Built Body
X633XWK 8011959Van Italian Built Body
X634XHP 9281959Coupe Publicity appentice built
X638n/a1959Coupe Chassis Cancelled not built
X639YVC 6241959Coupe LHS Production Built
X640n/a1959Coupe RHS Production Built
X641XKV 8641959Convertible Experimental built No2
X6514421 HP1959Estate 1st prototype S.M.Co built RHS
X6524422 HP1959Estate 2nd prototype S.M.Co built LHS
X661 n/a1960Herald 'Special' short wheel base
X6638278 VC1960Herald 'Star' chassis Coupe/Vit
X674 1961948 Scrapped A J Lee
X682CVC 216C1961Estate 1200cc
X686PDU 460G1962Herald frame 4 coil spring Estate loan to Girling
X687 n/a1962Blue 1147cc
X689FVC 285D19621300cc White Body For Pave Test
X695XKV 8651962Converted to pick up, 6 cyl engine
X6965099 HP19624 door
X705 n/a1962Saloon MK2 Estate tank
X706 n/a1962MKI Heavy Duty Frame For India
X712 1962Chassis has MKI suspension front, 15cwt at rear
X7146204 VC1963Production 1200 converted to 12/50
X764JVC 506E196713/60 Saloon 1st prototype
X765JVC 507E196713/60 Convertible 1st prototype
X766 n/a196713/60 Estate 1st prototype
X781 n/a5.9.1968Puerto Rico Herald 1st proto

That is the Herald list transcribed from the factory prototype lists verbatim except for half or dozen or so additions to registrations that have come to light during research in the Coventry area registration logs held by the transport museum (thanks to Derek Graham).

Experimental Heralds in Pictures

Work in progress, more to follow...............