Experimental GT6

LRW 453F

A recent visit by our friend Roy Ford ex Triumph experimental and at last his ex experimental GT6 MK11 slant 4! Roy has recently put his GT6 back on the road after a long lay up and is now using it regularly again. Although after a casual glance Roy's GT6 looks standard, if you look a little closer under the bonnet you can see many strange repairs and welded up holes. The explanation is that this car started life as a development test bed for a potential slant 4 (Dolomite/TR7 2ltr) engined GT6! After testing concluded the GT6 sat around in experimental engineless for many months. Roy explained in those days it was relatively easy to buy former experimental cars, indeed the bean counters encouraged it as every penny helped to the cash strapped British Leyland. Roy got the experimental 'tinny' (body specialist) Derek Edmund to skilfully weld up all the redundant holes and bumps in the bonnet, before he re-fitted a standard 2ltr straight 6. A very interesting might have been, and great to see it surviving in the flesh, and no Roy has no immediate ideas about refitting a slant 4!