Engine Number Identification Chart

Note: USA Engines are not listed - for further details, please enquire.

Many cars now have non-standard/original engines fitted and it is always advisable to order parts by engine number rather than car model.




G948ccHerald 948
Y948ccHerald 948
GA1147ccHerald 1200
GD1147ccHerald 1200, Herald 12/50
FC1147ccSpitfire I,II
GE1296ccHerald 13/60 (Early)
GK1296ccHerald 13/60 (Late)
FD1296ccSpitfire III
FH1296ccSpitfire IV
FM1493ccSpitfire 1500
HB1596ccVitesse 6
HC1998ccVitesse 2 litre (I, II)
KC1996ccGT6 I, II
KE1998ccGT6 III
DG1296cc1300 Toledo
DH1296cc1300 Dolomite
RD1296cc1300 Front Wheel Drive
RF1296cc1300 Front Wheel Drive
WB1493cc1500 Front Wheel Drive
YC1493cc1500 Rear Drive Dolomite
FP1493ccMG Midget
MB1998cc2000 Mk I
ME1998cc2000 Mk II
ML1998cc2000 Mk II
CP2498ccTR5 very early TR6

MKI 2.5PI Saloon, Estate
(132 bhp good engine!)
or Late TR6
(125bhp not so good engine)

MG2498ccMkII 2.5 Pi Saloon, Estate
MM2498cc2.5 TC Saloon, Estate
MN2498cc2500S, Estate

Note that: DG, DH, WB, YC, FP engines are similar to FH, FM. RD, RF engines are similar to GE, FD.