Convert your Early Herald to front discs

Planning on converting your early Herald front drums to discs? you'll need the following parts:

Part No.          Description                                                                                   

210892/3A      Type 12/14 caliper mounting brackets (Alloy - std. NLA)      

132023           Upper Mounting bolts for above                                        (4 reqd.)

WL209           Spring Washer for above                                                  (4 reqd.)

129361           Lower mounting bolts for above                                         (4 reqd.)

WL208           Spring washer for above


159131           New type 14 caliper LH                                           

159130           New type 14 caliper RH  


132439          Caliper mounting bolt                                                         (4 reqd.)

WL210          Spring washer for above                                                     (4 reqd.)


GBP574          Brake pads                                                       

PADGREEN1  -OPTIONAL- EBC Greenstuff (Fastroad) pads                      

511031            Pad pin set


GBH 216        Brake hose (std. rubber)                                                    (2 reqd.)

ST 0102-4      -OPTIONAL- Brake hose (Goodridge S/S braided) 


208715          Brake Disc                                                                      (2 reqd.)

113150          Bolt: disc to hub                                                              (8 reqd.)

Wl209           Spring Waser for above                                                     (8 reqd.)


UKC697         Stub Axle                                                                       (2 reqd.)

LN2211          Castellated nut                                                               (2 reqd.)

GHK1021       Wheel Bearing Kit                                                           (2 reqd.)

146479R        Front hub - Recon. (New hubs NLA)                                  (2 reqd.)

146479A       -OPTIONAL- Alloy front hub                                               (2reqd.)