Chrome Bumpers

All chrome plated parts will deteriorate rapidly unless some simple maintenance steps are carried out on a regular basis.

All of our bumpers are nickel plated and then chromed to the same specification as used by Triumph on original chrome plated parts (specification available upon request).

The following are a few suggestions to maximise the life of your bumpers:

  • Salt and grit on the roads in winter will rapidly destroy the chrome. If you are using your car through winter make sure that the bumpers are washed regularly.

  • If the car is used rarely ALWAYS thoroughly wash the chrome work before the car goes back into storage, even if the car is to be stored for less than a week.

  • If using in winter, consider smearing a thin layer of Vaseline or Waxoyl over the chrome to prevent constant contact with salt & water.

  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners such as Autosol or T-Cut as this will wear out the plating over time.

  • Polish and/or wax the chrome work as often as possible