2006 : Triumph Stag

Our entry for the 2006 RBRR was our 1972 Stag, a car we have owned for nearly 20 years. Completely restored over 10 years ago but hardly driven subsequently, a precautionary engine rebuild was carried out prior to the event. The car performed faultlessly apart from a failing coil in the depths of Scotland, in the rain, in the dark. Isn't it always the way, it's never on a lovely sunny day, and you have just managed to trundle into a lay-by! No matter the only spare we took with us was a new coil, I must have had a premonition. After the RBRR we laid the Stag up in the Museum, only to pull it out and put it through the riggers of this years Club Triumph 10 CR (10 Countries Run). Stag's seem ideal for this type of event, comfortable, fast, and frugal, on both events it returned 30+ mpg figures.

Round Britain Reliability Run 2006 - Triumph Stag
(picture courtesy GT Roger)