2004 : Factory V8 Prototype Saloon

Who can fail to of heard of our miserable failure in the 22 foot long monster we call the Stretch in the 2002 event, later vindicated in it's glorious success in the 10 Countries Run in September 2003, we thought something a little less BIG might be more in keeping for the 2004 outing.

Jason Chinn and myself along with new recruit Jerry specially imported for the event from the USA had plumped for one of the museum cars that was nearing completion from 2 years of minor restoration. Should be nice a comfy this time in our factory V8 prototype saloon, and it will be nice to be able to keep up with the big boys again!

Post event analysis. Everything went fairly smoothly, with few issues. Jerry quickly settled down to driving on the wrong side of the road, apart from the Cornish leg apparently (according to Jason) which didn't worry me as I was soundly asleep on this bit. We had terrible gear selection problems which later turned out to be gearbox remote mounting rubber bush disintegration (the V8 has an LT77 5 speed box). The car was superb on motorways, at one point I woke up on the M5 in the middle of the night with Jason driving chasing the orange V8 estate. When I enquired what speed we were doing I was told to go back to sleep!

The V8 was used infrequently after the RBRR it's longest trip afterwards being up to Manchester for the filming of Life on Mars in which it appears fleetingly (that fleetingly you have to stop the video to check!) in a street scene.

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At the start of the 2004 RBRR in the Plough car park
Drivers (L to R) Jerry (our American friend shipped in for the event!), Me, and Jason.