1998 : Triumph TR5

John, bowed out in 1998 which left me co-driverless and the one thing you don't want to be doing is the RBRR alone. A quick look through the past entries revealed that no TR5 had ever done it since the first run in 1966, it was high time one did. The wife was recruited as a co-driver (begrudgingly), and I set off to find my TR5 that hadn't turned a wheel in over 10 years, now where did I put it? Usual story, got the car going and MOT'd the week before the off, who said wing and a prayer? Guess what after all that thorough preparation another bloody TR5 at the start, oh bugger, worse still it looked immaculate and ours looked it had just been dragged out of storage after ten years in a wet garage, it had!

The only issue we had was our water pump which sprang a leak in the arse end of no where in the middle of the night in Scotland.

Round Britain Reliability Run 1998