1994 : Triumph Herald 1500

The first CC Round Britain entry was really a combined John Kipping/Canley Classics effort. We were really using the 2000 miles of the Round Britain as a proving run for the Herald we had built. This was for the far more strenuous run we planned the month after down West Africa to commemorate the test run undertaken by Herald prototypes immortalised in 'Turn Left For Tangiers'. As is traditional with these things the car had only recently been finished so it was very much a new event as well as a new car to John and myself. I seem to remember doing most of the driving and having fun with the fuel transfer switch between the twin tanks trying to eak the last dregs out of each tank before changing over, i.e. just before we sputtered to a halt. Really can't remember much else as all RBRR virgins find out, your first one is a bit of a blur!

Round Britain Reliability Run 1994 Herald 1500 at Land's End