This will really test your Triumph trivia!

This is an example of a complete prototype transaxle assembly from the stillborn 1958 Zebu saloon project. The Zebu was a halfway house between the Standard Vanguard and the Triumph 2000 (Barb). Triumph lost their way at this time, and things got rather complicated with many body design changes, and multiple chassis and running gear revisions. At one time in the project a Herald body was hot crossed bun sectioned and stretched to fit the Zebu chassis! Things got so desperate at the end Triumph dropped the whole project and then went off and nearly settled on a Vanguard engined AMC Wrangler (an ugly American saloon of the period. Fortunately sense prevailed and we were given the wonderful Triumph 2000 family.

We are currently restoring the transaxle to display standard incorporating a wheeled display frame so that we can move it around in the museum.