Spitfire Tuning Kits

Amazing what sits around in your drawer?

These original typed and hand written/annotated specification notes for the factory Spitfire4 MkII tuning kits were recently donated by our friend Tony Luxton (ex Triumph experimental engineer). Tony has recently retired from Land Rover where he continued to work in development after moving there when the Triumph closed at Canley. These little gems came to light whilst clearing his drawers out!

Interesting in that it shows part numbers for all the trick bits, but also prices in pounds, shillings and pence, hand written alongside each part.

Triumph only really sold (usually through SAH) Spitfire Interim, and Spitfire Stage II kits to satisfy homologation regulations to justify the racing effort.

These are also if you wish to replicate a Stage II car in that it even list things like choke sizes for the 40 DCOEs, ignition timing, and compression ratios.

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