Prototype 3000 V8 Estate

XXC 200K Built by Triumph Experimental Department between August and October 1971 using Stag V8 running Gear (Engine No LE 902 EBW)

Triumph Day at the Heritage Centre, Gaydon in 1998 Picture Rob Pearce with thanksTriumph Day at the Heritage Centre, Gaydon in 1998 Picture Rob Pearce with thanks

Having spoken at length to those involved in the Triumph experimental department "Stag saloon/estate production line" it seems that at least one estate (ours) was built, and several saloons. To date we have only positively identified two survivors. Due to the way the cars were identified by the factory (retained production chassis numbers) no build records have been identified for any other cars in the Gaydon archive despite much research on our part.

Our estate was built in August 71, but not dispatched until October 72. Built white with black trim as we found it, but painted red during restoration. Destination is listed as a direct sale to BLMC Rover Solihull as we know from the DVLA copies of the original log books.Rover (Lode Lane) kept the car on their fleet until 1975, and then it was sold off privately.

The copies of the old green log books clearly state that the engine fitted when first registered was indeed a 2997 cc Stag V8 number LE 902 EBW.

As found in local scrapyard in 1983As found in local scrapyard in 1983

This means it had only survived on the road for just over 10 years! Not good by todays standards when cars generally show little deterioration in their first 10 years. Mind you as I remember it all of those cars surrounding XXC in this picture, Cortina, Imp, Princess were all younger!

XXC 200K V8 engine bayXXC 200K V8 engine bay