Macau Head

We have recently been extremely lucky in acquiring the original aluminium works 8 port 70X head that was taken off the Macau by Kas Kastner in 1966. Along with some other original engine components acquired, this should go most of the way to allowing us to return the Macau to it's 1965 specification.

We are indebted to Kas Kastner for his help in tracking down the parts, it turns out they never went very far, having sat unused in California for nearly 40 years!

The cylinder head in particular is in very good condition, and is virtually ready to use, a tribute to very careful storage for all those years.

It now seems unlikely that any of the original works circuit cars will be at Le Mans latter this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Spitfires racing there, a good time to get the Macau up and running in original 4 cylinder form?

Here are some quotes from Kas taken from the various correspondence we have exchanged, they add to the excitement!

Kas : "Are you interested in the Spitfire aluminium 8 port cylinder head with inlet manifolds that I believe is the original fitment for the car (Macau) when I received it from the factory?"

Kas : "That's really great, I am very pleased indeed that you are getting the original parts back home, wonderful !"

Macau HeadMacau Head