Herald Technical College Chassis

MKI Herald exhibition/show/college rolling chassis.

Recently donated by an ex-Triumph employee who in turn had recently acquired it from the MG Rover headquarters, and training school at Studley Castle in Warwickshire. It's interesting to note that MG Rover had thought it worthwhile to have a training aid on the books that was more at home in 1959! Triumph produced many of these training aids (at least a hundred) for technical colleges, schools, and other institutions, that provided valuable insight into the inner workings of the automobile. This was only possible with a separate chassis car, and this is the reason many of these survived into the 90's. A veritable flood of these came onto the market from the early 90's, right through until recently. Most ended up being used as donors in restoration projects, indeed a couple of partially disassembled ones that went through our hands in the Kipping's days ended up under concourse cars. Our latest find however will not suffer this fate for two things are in it's favour, firstly it's complete, and in good condition, and secondly it's a MKI, and very much rarer than the 'common' MKII college chassis version. Needing only minor cosmetic restoration, it shouldn't take much to get it up and running and driveable again.