70X Engine Weber Inlet Manifold

This is one of the ultra rare original factory Spitfire Le-Mans/Rally 70X Weber inlet manifolds. It was recently donated by Peter Clarke ex of the Triumph Competition department and instrumental in the building and maintenance of the original 'works' cars.

Peter went on to help build and prepare with Peter Cox the ultra competitive ex-works, ex Stirling Moss/Val Pierre SMART Spitfire ADU 467B, maybe this is where this manifold originates from?

February 08 up-date

What were the chances of finding the other hand to our manifold floating around Coventry 40 odd years after the event? Well I knew it was a long shot to complete the pair of the ultra rare 70X alloy head (the steel head, and SAH head manifolds are different) inlets. Step forward another ex comp shop (experimental) engineer who recently dug one out for us along with a load of steel head inlets, and forged piston sets! We sorted through the spare stuff and it duly went on to e-Bay, making a tidy sum in the process for their owner. Apparently most of it has found its way to Italy.

Picture from the e-Bay listing of those steel head inlets.Picture from the e-Bay listing of those steel head inlets.
70X Engine Weber Inlet Manifold70X Engine Weber Inlet Manifold