4 Cylinder Lucas Injection

Well at least the unique 4 cylinder distributor/metering unit pedestal, the 4 cylinder racing metering unit, and the racing injectors anyway.

Tried but not raced on the Le Mans Spitfires, this is where this set originates from. Using a cam operated metering unit as against the more recognisable vacuum operated type, meant instant translation of the drivers throttle input to the race cars fuel demands. Didn't do anything for fuel consumption though, so not useful in road going applications! Very similar to the units used on the Abingdon Mini Cooper rally cars of the late 1960s, and very sought after today! Have spoken to those directly involved with Le Mans Spitfire development at the Triumph and no-one as yet can remember which car was used for the testing. By default I think it must have been one of Bradley's cars, ADU 1B, 2B, 5B, or ERW 412C, but have yet to confirm?