This section is a showcase of the various parts, kits and conversions that we have had remanufactured or developed to make your Triumph ownership more rewarding.

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Indoor / Outdoor Car CoversIndoor / Outdoor Car CoversView Product
Hub Pulling ToolHub Pulling ToolView Product
Stromberg Carb Needle Adjusting ToolStromberg Carb Needle Adjusting ToolView Product
Clutch Alignment ToolClutch Alignment ToolView Product
Workshop Manual (Body & Underframe) Herald Saloon & CoupeWorkshop Manual (Body & Underframe) Herald Saloon & CoupeView Product
Washer MultipacksWasher MultipacksView Product
Valve Lapping StickValve Lapping StickView Product
Spring CompressorsSpring CompressorsView Product
Setscrew MultipacksSetscrew MultipacksView Product
Nut MultipacksNut MultipacksView Product
Spitfire MugSpitfire MugView Product
Continental Touring KitsContinental Touring KitsView Product
Bolt MultipacksBolt MultipacksView Product