This section is a showcase of the various parts, kits and conversions that we have had remanufactured or developed to make your Triumph ownership more rewarding.

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Unleaded Cylinder HeadsUnleaded Cylinder HeadsView Product
Vitesse / GT6 Three Way AdapterVitesse / GT6 Three Way AdapterView Product
Alloy Engine Front PlatesAlloy Engine Front PlatesView Product
Alloy Distributor PedestalsAlloy Distributor PedestalsView Product
Alloy Engine Back PlatesAlloy Engine Back PlatesView Product
Alloy Alternator Mounting BracketsAlloy Alternator Mounting BracketsView Product
CamshaftsCamshaftsView Product
Magnetic Drain PlugMagnetic Drain PlugView Product
Stainless Steel 6 Cylinder Alternator Adjusting BracketStainless Steel 6 Cylinder Alternator Adjusting BracketView Product
Pancake Air FiltersPancake Air FiltersView Product
Alloy Rocker CoversAlloy Rocker CoversView Product
Duplex Chain ConversionDuplex Chain ConversionView Product
Weber Inlet ManifoldsWeber Inlet ManifoldsView Product
Twin Box Sports Exhaust SystemTwin Box Sports Exhaust SystemView Product
Engine Service KitsEngine Service KitsView Product
Large Bore Straight Through Stainless Steel Exhaust SystemLarge Bore Straight Through Stainless Steel Exhaust SystemView Product
DistributorsDistributorsView Product
Petrol Pipe KitsPetrol Pipe KitsView Product
Decoke SetsDecoke SetsView Product
Carburettor Heat ShieldsCarburettor Heat ShieldsView Product
Bottom End Gasket SetsBottom End Gasket SetsView Product
Oil FiltersOil FiltersView Product
Valve Lapping StickValve Lapping StickView Product
Stainless Heat ShieldStainless Heat ShieldView Product
Service PartsService PartsView Product
Spitfire 1500 Low Compression Piston SetsSpitfire 1500 Low Compression Piston SetsView Product
Continental Touring KitsContinental Touring KitsView Product
Carb Rebuild KitsCarb Rebuild KitsView Product