Dave's Blog - RBRR Preperation Part IX (Spanner in the works!)

RBRR Preperation Part IX (Spanner in the works!)

Thu, 04 Oct 2012 07:06
Dash in;

Front suspension, and brakes complete;

Doors skinned, and in etch;

Its at this stage that things went a little pear shaped. I had planned to high build 2k prime, and top coat the doors, and rear tub before I went home last night. However having primed the doors, and the underneath of the tub I couldn't turn the tub over on the trestles on my own to paint the top (well I could but I would have probably damaged the wings). Bad planning on my part, I hadn't thought that there wouldn't be anyone else around at 11 o'clock at night to help me. The plan had been to bolt the painted tub, and doors to the car this morning, and trim it out. So that's put me a full 12 hours out.

One other tricky issue is the bonnet. Having welded the Stanpart drivers wing to the top panel yesterday with no issues, and things seemingly going really well disaster struck. I had previously emptied my sample stores of Stanpart panels to go towards the Coupes build, and one of the few panels I didn't have was a passenger side front wing. A repro was sourced, but when I came to fit it yesterday I was surprised to find it was nearly 1/4" shorter along its length than the Stanpart drivers side. When offered up to the bonnet top it is obviously wrong, and I'm not going to fit it.

Show stopper, might be. I'll plod on today, and see where I get to.

Posted by David Pearson on Thu, 04 Oct 2012 07:06

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