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Gold Seal Spitfire Peeling Back the Years

Thu, 11 Sep 2014 07:48

Thanks to some of the owners of the Gold Seal car who had owned it after its Richard Lloyd Gold Seal Racing, and Mugello Circuit exploits I have filled in some important gaps in its history.

John Petty in particular supplied some excellent pictures of the car whilst in his ownership.

I decided rather than strip its paint all in one go I would carefully peel it back layer, by layer, and tie in its various colour schemes to contemporary drivers.

The above picture shows the initial strip revealing a overall yellow scheme. The pictures John Petty supplied show the car in these colours during his ownership in 1970-72.

Courtesy of John Petty

Further sanding reveals more yellow.

A bit more and I could almost polish it!

John told me he brought the car in 1970 from a gentleman called Peter Long, and he thinks he later sold it on in 1972 to a Mr Russell Bracebridge.

Coutesy of John Petty (the marks on the print is water damage)

In the next instalment I reveal a totally unexpected short lived colour scheme!

Posted by David Pearson on Thu, 11 Sep 2014 07:48

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