This section is a showcase of the various parts, kits and conversions that we have had remanufactured or developed to make your Triumph ownership more rewarding.

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GT6 Door GlassGT6 Door GlassView Product
Bumper End CapsBumper End CapsView Product
Lightweight Alloy Body PanelsLightweight Alloy Body PanelsView Product
Herald / Vitesse Bonnet Trim ClipHerald / Vitesse Bonnet Trim ClipView Product
Head Rest FoamHead Rest FoamView Product
Spitfire 1500 / GT6 Injection Moulded Gearbox TunnelsSpitfire 1500 / GT6 Injection Moulded Gearbox TunnelsView Product
Herald / Vitesse Rear Lens AssemblyHerald / Vitesse Rear Lens AssemblyView Product
Speedo and Tacho CablesSpeedo and Tacho CablesView Product
Spare KeysSpare KeysView Product
Herald and Vitesse Wheel TrimsHerald and Vitesse Wheel TrimsView Product
Grey Handbrake and Gearstick GrommetGrey Handbrake and Gearstick GrommetView Product
Spitfire / GT6 Wheel TrimsSpitfire / GT6 Wheel TrimsView Product
Herald / Vitesse / Spitfire / GT6 Bonnet LocksHerald / Vitesse / Spitfire / GT6 Bonnet LocksView Product
Spitfire / GT6 Locking Petrol CapSpitfire / GT6 Locking Petrol CapView Product
Herald / Vitesse Rear Seat PansHerald / Vitesse Rear Seat PansView Product
Spitfire / GT6 Stainless Steel Bonnet StaySpitfire / GT6 Stainless Steel Bonnet StayView Product
Herald / Vitesse Front Outer ArchesHerald / Vitesse Front Outer ArchesView Product
New Spitfire / GT6 Bumpers & OverridersNew Spitfire / GT6 Bumpers & OverridersView Product
Herald / Vitesse Left Hand Outer SillsHerald / Vitesse Left Hand Outer SillsView Product
Wing and Door MirrorsWing and Door MirrorsView Product
Seat BeltsSeat BeltsView Product
Stainless Wiper ArmsStainless Wiper ArmsView Product
Seat BeltsSeat BeltsView Product
Herald / Vitesse Hood ClampsHerald / Vitesse Hood ClampsView Product
Workshop Manual (Body & Underframe) Herald Saloon & CoupeWorkshop Manual (Body & Underframe) Herald Saloon & CoupeView Product
Spitfire MKI Wing Finisher RearSpitfire MKI Wing Finisher RearView Product
Windscreen Glass, Trim and SealsWindscreen Glass, Trim and SealsView Product
Vitesse Bonnet Front PanelVitesse Bonnet Front PanelView Product
Bonnet Stiffener Channel AssemblyBonnet Stiffener Channel AssemblyView Product
'Triumph' Roof Pillar Badge'Triumph' Roof Pillar BadgeView Product
Stanpart Tonneau CoverStanpart Tonneau CoverView Product
Number PlatesNumber PlatesView Product
Herald / Vitesse Repair PanelsHerald / Vitesse Repair PanelsView Product
Herald 1200 Bonnet Top PanelHerald 1200 Bonnet Top PanelView Product
Halogen Headlight ConversionHalogen Headlight ConversionView Product
Left-hand Footwell Carpet for SpitfireLeft-hand Footwell Carpet for SpitfireView Product
Early Spitfire / GT6 Repair PanelsEarly Spitfire / GT6 Repair PanelsView Product
Herald Vitesse Door HandleHerald Vitesse Door HandleView Product