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Lucas Lamps

If you were building a competion car in the 1960's, and needed some extra illumination for rallies or Le Mans, one of the biggest suppliers/manufacturers was Lucas with their 576 range of lamps.

As you will no doubt have noticed from period photos of the Works' Spitfire, Herald and Vitesse competition cars (and Mini, Austin Healey etc.), the Lucas 576 was the most popular (only?) choice for cars in the UK and Europe. Most cars had varying numbers of spot and fog lamps hanging off the front of them and a rear fog lamp on the rear for reversing.

We can now offer high quality reproductions of the WFT/WLR 576 rear-mounted spot and fog lamps fitted to the Triumph works' cars. If you're building a replica Vitesse or Spitfire rally car, you'll need 4 lamps!

The lamps with the clear lenses are spot lamps (WLR 576), 'crinkly' lenses are the fog lamps (WFT576), apart from the lenses, all other parts on the lamps are identical.

We would also recommend fitting relays to protect the switchgear and wiring if you're upgrading the lighting - see below. On/off switches and replacement bulbs are also listed below. 

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WFT576 fitted to rear of a Vitesse rally car

Tiny Lewis' Works prepared Herald Coupe

Works' Vitesse fitted with WFT576 & WLR576 lamps

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WFT576 FOG LAMP - REAR MOUNT LUCAS £108.80 add to basket
WLR576 SPOT LAMP - REAR MOUNT LUCAS £108.80 add to basket
GLB185 BULB 12V - 576 SPOT LAMP £3.25 add to basket
126792 RELAY 6RA £19.25 add to basket
149011 ON OFF SWITCH - HEATER FAN LAMPS ETC £10.15 add to basket